Front End Enrollment Solution for Medicare's Unique Challenges

Integrated software for enrollment of Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) members. MMC 20/20 enrollment tools are integrated with the reconciliation tools, and provide comprehensive workflow management and compliance reporting to ensure an efficient and automated enrollment process.

EnrollPlus Key Features

  • Automates beneficiary eligibility confirmation with CMS MARX system
  • Automates the preparation of letters for members
  • Automates outbound verification calls completed in the system
  • Automates processing of the Transaction Reply Report (TRR) and TRR letters
  • Creates CMS transmissions and integrates electronically with CMS for batch and enrollment queries
  • Manages election periods and lock-in requirements
  • Integrates with sales system, membership accounting system, fulfillment centers and PBM
  • Handles auto-assigned members (full premium subsidy members)
  • Allows for real time access to application status for member services
  • Utilizes Smart Application™ to guide the user through the required fields for each enrollment
  • Creates dynamic work queues to facilitate efficient processing of incomplete applications and rejected and accepted transactions
  • Reports on production activity, CMS compliance, and member level actions

A series of standard reports allows your Plan to efficiently manage workflow and identify areas of potential concern in the sales and enrollment process. All of this information can then be quickly and easily uploaded to your Plan's membership system. In addition, contractors that use EnrollPlus can also eliminate the need for costly, third party enrollment processing fees each month.

In addition to the software needed for enrollment and disenrollment processing, MMC 20/20 offers comprehensive process assistance with development of the enrollment application, development and coordination of approval of letters to members, development and review of policies and procedures and the creation of a comprehensive compliance plan for Medicare enrollment and disenrollment processing. MMC 20/20 can also assist with the overall development of an enrollment department and the training of its employees.