Front End Enrollment Solution for Medicare's PDP Members

EnrollD ™ is MMC 20/20's enrollment product for PDP only Plans, and works in much the same was as EnrollPlus. MMC 20/20 enrollment tools are integrated with the reconciliation tools, and provide comprehensive workflow management and compliance reporting to ensure an efficient and automated enrollment process. Scaled to handle the Part D volume in 2006 and beyond.

EnrollD Key Features

  • Automates beneficiary eligibility confirmation with CMS MARX system
  • Automates the preparation of letters for members
  • Creates CMS transmissions and integrates electronically with CMS for batch and enrollment queries
  • Facilitates work flow management
  • Manages election periods and lock-in requirements
  • Integrates with sales system, membership accounting system, fulfillment centers and PBM
  • Provides files for membership accounting system
  • Files for fulfillment center are available
  • Handles auto-assigned members (full premium subsidy members)
  • Allows for real-time access to application status for member services
  • Has the potential for outbound verification
  • Automates member billings
  • Utilizes Smart Application™ to guide the user through the required fields for enrollment
  • Creates dynamic work queues to facilitate efficient processing of incomplete applications and rejected and accepted transactions
  • Reports on production activity, CMS compliance, and member level actions