Product Development

New Options, New Markets

MMA legislation; PPO and disease management demonstration projects; special needs plans, competitive bidding for PPO contracts; Prescription Drug Cards and Benefits

Now more than ever Medicare Advantage (MA) plans have numerous options to serve seniors. More options mean both more opportunities and more risks.

MMC 20/20 can help MA contractors to identify the best mix of products to offer and assist with implementation as well. We offer comprehensive market analyses, business planning and feasibility analyses, application preparation and implementation services.

A Case Study

Using 5 years of claims data, MMC 20/20 segmented the market for a large MA contractor by disease segment. With this data, we determined a target product mix, population and next steps. For this plan, a disease management demonstration application for a specific chronic care population made immediate financial and operational sense. The demonstration product will enable the plan to build upon existing case management strengths, provide optimal care to its members and it is financially viable under a 100% RA payment system.

If you would like to learn more about our Product Development services, and how MMC 20/20 provides the tools needed to take full advantage of MA options, please contact one of our principals at (678) 775-1070 or