Enrollment And Outreach Solutions

A Unique Process Which Requires Specific Tools

Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollment is distinctly different from Medicaid and Commercial enrollment and requires the organization to timely process each application, notify the member of acceptance or application problems, and track all members through to acceptance. Disenrollment and benefit package changes have similar, unique regulatory requirements. It is a challenge to manage all the requirements.


To address the enrollment and disenrollment challenges, MMC 20/20 has developed EnrollPlus, an application which automates the enrollment and disenrollment process. Key features include:

  • Complete tracking of enrollment from application receipt to CMS acceptance
  • Outbound verification calls completed in the system
  • Easy generation of enrollment and disenrollment transaction file for CMS transmission
  • Comprehensive and automated letter generation based on transaction reply codes and front end activity

A series of standard reports allows your Plan to efficiently manage workflow and identify areas of potential concern in the sales and enrollment process. All of this information can then be quickly and easily uploaded to your Plan’s membership system. In addition, contractors that use EnrollPlus can also eliminate the need for costly, third party enrollment processing fees each month.

The Result: More accurate, efficient and well-documented enrollment and disenrollment processes.

In addition to the software needed for enrollment and disenrollment processing, MMC 20/20 offers comprehensive process assistance with development of the enrollment application, development and coordination of approval of letters to members, development and review of policies and procedures and the creation of a comprehensive compliance plan for Medicare enrollment and disenrollment processing. MMC 20/20 can also assist with the overall development of an enrollment department and training of employees.

To learn more about how MMC 20/20 can assist you in this area, please contact one of our principals at (678) 775-1070 or