About Us

Irene Miller, Principal

Irene has 20 years of experience specializing in consulting for the health care industry on Medicare issues and challenges. She has comprehensive knowledge of Medicare Managed Care operations and regulatory requirements.

Ms. Miller has assisted numerous Medicare Advantage contractors in developing and revitalizing their Medicare products. Most recently, Ms. Miller has been leading Revenue Realization and Risk Adjuster projects from both technology and operations perspectives. In addition, she has been extensively involved in the development of AccuTraq and RiskTraq, MMC 20/20, Inc.'s software solutions for Medicare Advantage contractors. These projects have enabled our clients to implement efficient processes for the management of payment discrepancies and investigations as well as development and tracking of risk adjuster information under the CMS-HCC model.

Ms. Miller has also directed projects to assess compliance with CMS's standards and regulations and has assisted Medicare Advantage contractors with developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with CMS's requirements. In addition, Ms. Miller has assisted both risk and cost contractors with developing and presenting information to resolve outstanding payment issues with CMS.

Ms. Miller is one of the founding principals of MMC 20/20, Inc. the leading advisor to Medicare Advantage contractors. Prior to joining MMC 20/20, Inc. Ms. Miller was a CPA with Deloitte & Touche Consulting specializing in the Medicare Managed Care service line.